We are working on A2b app, you can take a look at the prototype below.

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The app developed for all major mobile platforms (iOS , Android ). Also, we are looking ways to integrate part of it into partner company website or social media page.

Cross National

Our goal is to connect local taxi companies internationally. One app, every for all taxi service in the continent.

Seamless token exchange

The token exchange has to be seamless; we are creating the token economy based on free choice which benefits user.


We plan all possible anonymous non-identifiable data should be available to verify and mine from blockchain.

One APPplication

One application for users, drivers and taxi operators supported on iOs and Android . One application for taxi services across 46 European cities.


Only licensed drivers and taxi companies will be approved to use A2B platform after they meet the requirements of: impeccable reputation, proper vehicle insurance, etc.

Higher demand

A2B brand recognizable in 46 cities will attract more tourists and residents to use your service.

Easy management

No need to talk to call centre assistant. Profit transferred to your account once per day. A2b customer support center available 24/7.


High customer service standard adapted to all 46 cities. Strict audit of vehicles that must be not older than 5 years old. Professional drivers with at least of 5-year taxi driver experience.


All transactions between customer, platform and driver will be made via A2B token.


Special discount programs for A2B customers, active marketing campaigns, innovative concept of mobile application will attract attention to your business.

Higher income

More customers also mean higher income. A2B will profit only from mediation fee for currency exchange so you can earn more than working with traditional taxi platforms.